8 uses for a baby muslin swaddle – or: muslin swaddles, the handy all-rounder

Baby muslins are one of these indispensable accessories in everyday life with a baby. You can never have too many of them. There are countless uses for a baby muslin swaddle. A muslin swaddle is often used for many different purposes and for many years. We show you how this jack-of-all-trades can support you:

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  • 1) Baby blanket:

    A large baby blanket made of a natural material such as cotton is light-weight and thin. It’s an ideal baby blanket for summer. Cover your little one in the cradle or in the cot without it getting too hot. The baby blanket is also a perfect pram blanket in the warm season when going for a walk. Muslin blankets are often large enough so that they can grow with the child. This saves you money and natural resources.

  • 2) Swaddling blanket:

    A large baby blanket is perfect for swaddling. Wrap the baby in the large cloth so that it cannot wiggle out. The blanket also keeps the baby snug and warm.

  • 3) Changing mat:

    Improvising is often the order of the day, especially when travelling. If you do not have a changing mat at hand whenever you need one, use a baby muslin swaddle to cover the back seat of your car or to change the baby on the grass.

  • 4) Burp cloth:

    The baby has been breastfed and is happy. If there is no burp cloth available, the muslin baby blanket will do. After the baby has spit up, mummy's blouse will (hopefully) still be clean.

  • 5) Nursing cover:

    A little bit of privacy is especially helpful when you breastfeed in public or if the baby is easily distracted. A large baby sling or nursing cover such as a muslin swaddle will come in handy.

  • 6) Sun shield:

    Do you need to quickly protect your baby from too much sunlight? With a large baby muslin swaddle, you will have your sun shield ready in a few seconds. Muslin blankets are perfect sun shields for the car, the beach or the pram.

  • 7) Cuddly blanket:

    Babies love cuddly objects that are familiar. A soft muslin swaddle has a lot of potential to become your little one’s favourite cuddly blankie.

  • 8) Picnic blanket:

    Don’t donate all your large muslin baby blankets even if your toddler is already a bit older. Large baby blankets make for great picnic blankets in the park or at a child's birthday party.

Do you have any other uses for large baby muslin swaddles? Let us know.

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