How Pamboo creates cool kids’ clothing

The new cool outfits for kids with denim items and creative T-shirts are now available to order online. Anna Warth, the designer of Pamboo, tells us in an interview what inspired her for the new eco streetwear for kids and what is important when creating cool kids clothing in the first place.

What inspires you when designing your cool outfits for kids?

Children and childhood are my inspiration. I watch kids play and see what they like and enjoy. Children are free and they don’t have a beauty craze like adults. If you ask a child what he or she wants to change about his or her appearance, he or she will not say that he or she is too fat or that his or her nose is too big. They are more likely to answer that they would like to have wings so they can fly over mountains and valleys. The children’s world of imagination knows no boundaries.

What steps are necessary to launch new cool kids clothing?

The beginning of every collection is inspiration. As a designer, I want to create unique clothes for kids and do not copy anything. But I don’t have this inspiration from one minute to the next, it takes time and an idea has to mature. When I start thinking about a new product line, I take my observations and experience from everyday life into my considerations. As soon as I know roughly what the new collection should look like, I draw up a sketch. This is not just one sketch, but it takes several iterations until I am satisfied with a design. Then I make a pattern and sew a sample. This way I can see right away whether the measurements and details I have in mind can be realised with a certain fabric. In the next step, I contact the textile factory and we discuss the production and costs. I give the factory exact technical details, including the sizing of my sample. Next, the textile factory creates a sample for each size. I let the children try on these samples. If the sleeves are still too long, for example, or the waistband is too tight, we alter it. As soon as all the samples are perfect, production starts in the factory.
The process from inspiration to delivery of the finished children’s clothes is long, but very exciting for me. I see my own imagination become reality.

The new streetwear for kids is now available to order online. What were your considerations for this product line?

With the gender-neutral streetwear, I want to encourage the creativity of girls and boys. These clothes can become part of their world of adventure and play. They don’t just wear a piece of clothing to not be cold, but they can use the cool outfits from Pamboo for creative games. Many details of our garments can be changed and the clothes can be mixed and matched. Our little customers are free to design their daily outfit however they want. They can choose from a wide range of fabric stickers like animal faces, adventure characters or emojis. On the denim jacket, jeans, baseball cap and emoji T-shirts, children can express how they are feeling. Not all children are good with words. An emoji on the jeans jacket or shirt says more than a thousand words.

What else is important in the creation of eco kids clothes besides the design?

Besides the unique look, a garment must be comfortable and functional. With kids’ jeans, for example, the fabric on the knees is used a lot. That’s why we have added knee patches. This makes the jeans last longer. The fabrics of our children’s fashion have to be soft and non-itchy. As an eco brand, we at Pamboo not only use ecological materials such as organic cotton, but also make sure that the impact on the environment during production is as low as possible and that the employees in the production process are treated well and receive fair wages. The packaging needs to be sustainable, too, and free of plastic as far as possible. These are just some of the aspects of sustainability for us.

What was the biggest challenge when creating the new streetwear for kids?

The biggest challenge was of course the COVID-19 crisis, just like for many other companies. Production processes have slowed down due to the temporary closing of factories. Kids’ boutiques were closed for a long time. Important trade fairs like Pitti Bimbo and Playtime only took place online. This was a big adjustment for all players in an industry that builds on personal contact and relies heavily on the experience of customer and retail clients in shops and at fairs.

How should children feel when wearing your creative streetwear?

Kids should feel free. I want them to feel free to better express themselves and experiment with the different fabric badges. With this creative and cool kids clothing, girls and boys can dive into new adventures and discover the world. Streetwear has to be comfortable. That’s why we don’t offer skinny jeans, which are very trendy at the moment. They are far too tight and uncomfortable for children.

Do you take customer feedback into account for a new collection?

Yes, of course. I am constantly collecting information and evaluating feedback from customers. This always includes some exciting ideas that I discuss with people who are close to me. Even a new product line could emerge from such an idea.

How do you feel when you start working on new cool outfits for kids?

For me as a textile designer, the first steps on the way to a new product line are the most exciting. It is what I love most about my job. I make my dreams come true. That’s when I grow wings, too.

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